Clinton Cards has improved stock data accuracy with wireless technology that has allowed the company to automate its stock management.

The wireless network allows the retailer to improve inventory control, and could be used for other services in the future.

Staff can now scan each new box of stock as it arrives in store with a handheld scanner, which updates the system automatically. Before, they needed to manually input each set of products as they were delivered.

Head of IT engineering Chris Hill said the technology is useful because it doesn’t require lots of infrastructure – helpful for remote retail stores – is easy to install and provides good coverage.

Currently the wifi network is only used by staff, although the network could potentially form the basis of other services such as customer wifi and other forms of in-store customer engagement.

“Retailers like Clinton Cards are laying a solid foundation for the advanced mobile applications with voice and video that they will be using in the future,” said Chris Kozup, senior director of marketing at Aruba Networks, which provided Clinton Cards with the technology.