Chip and PIN credit cards, sat-navs and DVD players all feature on a list of 2010’s “most endangered technologies” compiled by DSGi-owned etailer

They were listed alongside other products including mobile phone chargers, the computer mouse and the dongle which are at risk from the “adoption of broadband, the emergence of touchscreen devices and advances in wireless technology”.

A panel of experts argued that chip and PIN, launched in 2006, “will make way for “Wave and Pay” contactless payment technology, which has been piloted in London since 2007 and could be rolled out across the capital by 2012.

Sat-navs face being made obsolete by the adoption of TomTom and Co-pilot applications for the iPhone and Android phones, while DVD players may be undermined by Blu-ray and movie streaming through games consoles. managing director Jerome Ulric said: “The DVD, although a technology staple in the homes of many Brits is under threat from so many technologies and innovations it had to be classified as the highest risk technology.”

Most endangered technologies

  1. DVD players
  2. Fax machine
  3. Analogue TV
  4. landline phone
  5. Mobile phone charger
  6. Wii-mote
  7. Sat-nav devices
  8. Dongle
  9. Computer mouse
  10. Chip and PIN credit cards