Best Buy Europe has extended its use of a customer feedback system to its 1,600 Phone House stores, after seeing the benefits in its Carphone Warehouse business in the UK.

The engagement platform - provided by Fizzback - gathers customer feedback through channels including email and text messaging and organises customer comment, pulling out information such as subject, sentiment, location and behavioural indicators. Tailored responses to customer feedback are generated and information can be passed on to the alert the appropriate staff member to help them resolve the problem.

An interactive dashboard shows customer feedback, including verbatim comment, and the system can be used to measure performance against the retailer’s key performance indicators.

Store mangers will be able to see the performance of both the colleagues within their store, and their store against other stores across the group.

Best Buy Europe retail director Steve Blan said: “Fizzback has already proven itself to be a service critical to this mission, having driven significant improvements over the last 18 months in the UK. It makes complete sense to roll the service across Europe. “

Carphone Warehouse installed the system in June last year and its competitor Phones 4U also uses the system.