Amazon has unveiled Echo Look, which enables users to take voice-activated selfies and get machine learning-driven fashion advice.

Echo Look, part of online retailer’s Alexa range, and comes equipped with a camera and built-in LED lighting, allowing users to take full-lengths photos with a voice command.

It also includes video-recording technology that enables users to see how an outfit looks on them from all angles in real time on their phone as the device records their appearance.

The voice-activated device also has a feature called Style Check, which the online retailer said “combines machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists.”

Shoppers can take pictures of themselves using their Echo Look wearing two different outfits and get feedback on which outfit suits them based on a variety of metrics including fit and current trends.

Amazon said the AI-enabled feature will “get smarter” the more that shoppers use it.

Echo Look is currently only available to shoppers in the US by invitation and is on sale for $200 (£156).

Voice-activated smart home technology is innovating at pace. Amazon Echo rival Google Home was launched in the UK earlier this month.