Tesco is overhauling its stock reduction process as part of its ongoing bid to standardise IT across its business.

The grocery giant operates in 14 countries and said standardising its systems would save money and make the business more efficient.

Tesco is also investing in new IT systems for its non-food business. Investment will include stock management systems, delivery systems and price optimisation systems.

Head of global IT procurement James McNulty said at the Wincor World conference this week: “Tesco leverages its scale across the business, and the model now is for us to roll out IT to all our international businesses.”

He also said speculation that Tesco would expand into more countries including Vietnam and Indonesia was “probably true” but said: “Until we buy something, it hasn’t happened. When it does, we’ll have this model to roll out.”

He said IT had always been important to the company but that new chief executive Philip Clarke was likely to “embrace it even more” than outgoing chief executive Terry Leahy.