Waitrose tops green credentials table
UK supermarkets should do more to encourage shoppers to make greener choices, according to a report by the National Consumer Council (NCC) released today.

The study said that although supermarkets have improved their green credentials they still need to take the message to all shoppers in stores and not just to those in the 'eco aware' elite.

The NCC put the top eight supermarkets to the test on four key green indicators, from seasonal food and organics to sustainable sourcing and cutting waste. It found that, while there are real improvements in some areas, not one of the supermarkets is doing well on all fronts.

The supermarkets were graded by the study, which found Waitrose to be the most impressive in terms of its eco approach. Waitrose scored a B, in second place Marks & Spencer was awarded a C grade overall, but was the top scorer for sustainable fish sourcing and customer communication.

Sainsbury's also ranked C overall and came in as top of the big four, leading the organics and pesticides category. Co-op and Tesco were given a D grade and the study said that Tesco's overall score was 'poor', with room for improvement.

NCC chairman Lord Whitty said: 'We all need to understand that food is the typical household's number one contributor to climate change. By throwing away 10 billion carrier bags each year and transporting carrots from Egypt and strawberries from New Zealand, we hit the environment hard. But shoppers are increasingly keen to do their bit. Now, we make it clear how supermarkets could make greener choices easier for everybody.'

For Morrisons and Somerfield there is considerable potential for improvement - the retailers came bottom of the table with E grades.