Superdrug's Sutherland says he has approached Baker
Superdrug has contacted Boots CEO Richard Baker (pictured) with an offer to help him fill the excess space in stores with their products.

Chief operating officer Euan Sutherland has written to Baker responding to reports this morning in which Baker complained the stores were too big. Boots is considering concessions following a successful trial with currency exchange business Travelex.

'If Boots is struggling to fill its existing space we would be delighted to fill it for them. I've written to Richard Baker offering a helping hand. Expansion is key for us and this would be the perfect opportunity to underline the difference to shoppers between the two brands,' Sutherland said.

A spokesman for Boots said he was 'aware of Superdrug's tongue in cheek offer', but that the letter had 'not yet landed'.

He responded: 'With our 19 million footfall and our very loyal customer base, I'm not surprised they would like to take space in our stores.'

He said: 'I don't think concessions is our ideal solution. It's early days and that's one of them.'