Superdrug has launched a rival to Boots’ popular anti-aging cream Perfect & Protect Beauty Serum.

The Optimum Advanced Firm & Lift Perfecting Serum is a skin care collection designed to provide anti-ageing solutions. The serum includes collagen boosting Pentapeptides and retinol to promote a younger looking complexion. Results are expected to be visible in four weeks.

Boots’ Perfect & Protect Beauty Serum featured on the BBC’s Horizon programme last year, shoppers flooded to its stores and cleared the shelves for weeks. The collection proved so popular, Boots also designed a range for men.

Superdrug trading director Jeff Wemyss said: “This super serum has been in development for over a year to ensure we offer customers a credible product they can trust. We have already ordered more units of the serum to arrive in stores at the end of July to meet customer demand.”

The Optimum Advanced Firm & Lift Perfecting Serum will be available at Superdrug stores at£9.95 for 30 ml and on the retailer’s web site.