Stourport Co-op checks out more unmanned tills

West Midlands Co-op is expanding its self-checkout estate to another shop, following a successful trial at its flagship store in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

The store, at Stourport, has installed four U-Scan self-checkout tills from Fujitsu to complement its eight manned tills. The implementation is the first of four store schemes planned for this year.

As well as Co-op's superstore at Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury, one more site in Shrewsbury and another in Kidderminster will run unmanned tills by next year. Further roll-out is under review. Co-op has insisted that unmanned tills will not entirely replace manned checkouts in any stores.

Stourport store manager James Sheldon said: 'People needing just a few items have been eager use the tills. But some shoppers enjoy being served and having a chat with staff. Eight of our tills will always be retained, wherever it (self-checkout) is introduced.'