A microbrewery-within-a-store, Chill St offers a pit stop from the grocery shopping - if you happen to be in Nova Scotia.

As news breaks that Waitrose has hired a food service expert to progress its in-store expansion into the world of hospitality, it could do worse than making a trip to Nova Scotia to see what a significant other in the grocery sector is up to. 

In the small community of Elmsdale, Chill St has set up a microbrewery shop-within-a-shop in the local branch of Sobeys, Canada’s second largest food retailer.

Through the glazed frontage of the supermarket can be seen the Fresh Beer & Cider Market, with shiny chromed brewing tanks,a curved, varnished wood mid-shop counter, a grey tiled floor and a perimeter with a wood-framed chiller unit.    

There is also a wooden bar counter with beer on tap and a high-level graphic depicting the great outdoors, Nova Scotia-style, intended to reinforce the idea of fresh, which is a major part of the brand identity.

If you like beer or cider, it would be quite hard to pass by without a short pit stop here when visiting the store.