The LVMH-owned leather footwear retailer has unveiled a store in Westfield London that offers more than a few nods to the Australian landscape.

An Aussie retailer founded on leather boots would hardly seem the most likely candidate for a takeover by luxury operator LVMH, but RM Williams was acquired by the Paris-based group at the end of 2014.

Under its new ownership an RM Williams store has opened in Westfield London that is intended to provide shoppers with references to the Australian outback, which is where the eponymous Mr (Reginald Murray) Williams came from.

For shoppers this means a timber-clad fascia and an interior with an extended footwear display table with copper inserts, flanked by steel frame units, inspired by traditional stockyard fencing. The store also features a lighting gantry that mimics industrial woolsheds.

It is the rich and dark wood that really sets this one apart, however, and whether or not you know a billycan from a didgeridoo, it will be hard not to sense that what is on offer is a quality product.

Buying a pair of RM Williams boots is something of an aspirational, albeit pricey, rite of passage for many Australians. The new store, along with a smaller and older branch on Bond Street, will allow well-heeled Brits to follow the same path.