A customisation bar, a wall of watches and other dynamic displays create a buzz around watch brand Nixon’s first New York store.

One of the dilemmas facing a retailers of small items is how to display them. Shops are generally large spaces and the challenge of taking diminutive products and not losing them in the context of big display cabinets is always challenging.

Watch retailer Nixon shows what can be done in its first New York store, which opened in Soho just before Christmas.  

Rather than hiding the stock behind glass, a total of 72 watches are displayed on undulating plinths, parts of which are immersed below the surface of an under-lit aqua blue tank. This allows the plinths to punch through the top and appear to be floating on the surface.

The store also boasts a watch wall and a customisation bar where customers can choose elements to create a bespoke watch.

The Californian watch and accessories brand has two stores in London – Convent Garden and Carnaby Street.