Modern supermarkets often have a sparing use of colour resulting in environments with an efficient feel where warmth is notably absent.

No such accusation could be levelled at Metro Market in Egypt, which has been trialling a new look at some of its branches in the capital, Cairo.

Designed by Zurich-based Interstore, the now usual focus on ‘fresh’ translates as a palette of intense colours intended to foster a sense of happiness.

Vibrant interiors

Whatever your view on this aim, there is no denying that there is a vibrancy to the store interiors.

Each of the ‘fresh’ areas functions as an almost self-contained colour box and allows for modularity when the store roll-out button is pushed.

All of this is coupled with highly visual product location graphics featuring large-scale images supported by speech bubbles.

Metro Market stores in Nasr City and El Rehab stand as proof that neutral colours need not be the starting point for new supermarkets.