The department store has revamped the food hall at its Newcastle flagship – think luxury marketplace with a continental twist.

A lot of noise is made about market environments when it comes to food retailing, and for some of the best examples a good place to start is probably a large department store. This is certainly the case in Fenwick’s flagship store in Newcastle.

Here, the retailer has recently revamped its food hall, courtesy of consultancy CADA Design, opting for a series of food counters and zones that have more in common with upscale continental covered markets such as those in Stockholm, Milan or Barcelona.

This is, of course, a luxury department store and therefore ‘market’ means marble floors, clean wood fixtures and slick overhead lighting gantries that somehow manage to tread that fine line between industrial and designer. And no market would be complete without blackboard signs.

This may not be the most startlingly novel market treatment, but the care and attention to detail make it stand out.