Online retailers finding space on the high street is an increasingly common phenomenon and usually the point of entry is a pop-up shop.

Fashion retailer Hush is a case in point. Its clothing is sold in selected John Lewis stores and since last week (and until March 26) it has had a “pop-in” store, in Shoreditch.

The difference from other pop-ups is that nothing on view in this shop can be purchased and taken away. This is a showroom and for those who want to buy anything on display, delivery will be arranged.

It’s a model that will be familiar to anybody shopping one of the several Bonobos outlets in New York where almost exactly the same transactional process is used and it has been growing apace via permanent outlets.

The advantage is that no stock, other than fit and colour samples, is held in the store, meaning that retailers can afford to trade from premium locations, as they do not need such large units.

In this country, Hush shows what is possible, with a new take ont he pop-up that doesn’t require a huge investment.