Mixing high-tech and vintage under one roof is a tricky thing to pull off, but when done well it works to the advantage of both.

Italian jeans brand Replay shows what is possible at its store in Barcelona where the window is filled with a large LED display featuring moving images, while within there is a mix of vintage furniture and fixtures that look as if they have been picked for their apparent age.

Now couple all of this with a large living wall, for which read a vertical garden, and the shopper is confronted by a highly idiosyncratic interior.

Replay is also adept at carving up the space and creating distinct zones, as well as playing the local card with a pair of jeans encased in a rough-hewn transparent block of Perspex with the crest of arms for FC Barcelona at its base. The presumption, although this is not made explicit, is that these are denims that have graced the toned body of a member of the football team.

In total, this is a good-looking interior that successfully melds the traditional with the futuristic. Replay has been canny in its choice of building in which to locate this store. The Passeig de Gràcia is a street filled with stores that have cast-iron pillars and carved wooden ceilings as part of their interior and this shop is no exception. The pillars in particular have been carefully integrated into the whole.

The notion that high-tech stores have to look high-tech, while those that rely on heritage should have little to do with technology, is comprehensively disproved in this Replay outpost. And if you are in search of appealingly presented casual clothing, this is one of the best places to satisfy the craving in the city.