In case you’ve missed it, there is another sporting event going on at the moment: the Tour de France.

The Tour has been rolling across the French countryside since June 29 and finishes this Sunday.

Nowhere is its profile higher than in the home country and, as the peloton approaches Paris, excitement builds at department store Galeries Lafayette.

Visitors to what is debatably the French capital’s most glamorous department store are likely to encounter the Tour de France shop-in-shop where, irrespective of size, shape or general level of fitness, the faithful can pick up a ‘maillot jaune’ and pretend they’re leading the cycle race.

In so doing, they will have inspected the merchandise, displayed on a dedicated mat close to an escalator
in one of the store’s several atria.

The major elements of this temporary installation are wheeled packing cases of the kind that race teams might use to carry essentials during the tour.

After that it’s a matter of water bottles, shoulder bags, T-shirts and sporty sun caps, all Tour de France branded.

And to make things just a little more obvious, a shiny yellow racing bike is suspended overhead, acting as a call to action for visitors to the store who might miss the area.

This is a simple promotional space in a large store, but it was attracting a lot of attention and purchases were being made.

What it perhaps illustrates is that sometimes a straightforward idea is somewhat better than being over-complex.

Allez Mr Froome!