Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt in Berlin has taken a proprietary brand of chocolate bar and made a themed flagship experience out of it.

The brightly coloured, square-shaped chocolate bars bearing the name Ritter Sport are the starting point for this three-floor store which, among other things, allows visitors to make their own square chocolate bars, to eat square cakes and to sit on square seats.

While doing the latter, visitors can admire the in-store tower that is composed of outsize Ritter Sport bars piled on top of each other in a kind of Old Man of Hoy-like stack. And when tired of this, a trip up to the first floor reveals an exhibition about how chocolate is made.

On a rather more mundane note shoppers can, of course, buy assorted Ritter Sport bars, available in a multitude of different flavours, as well as pick up a themed T-shirt or sweatshirt. Bunte Schokowelt translates roughly as ‘colourful chocolate world’ and while this may not be the catchiest of names - perhaps it loses something in translation - it does tell you exactly what to expect when you walk through the door.

And even if the name is not entirely alluring, this has quickly become an established part of a visit to central Berlin, just around the corner from the border crossing that was known as Checkpoint Charlie.

Sometimes, the most unexpected items can provide the inspiration for a retail proposition that is not only different but that also has great shopper appeal. If you don’t like chocolate, in terms of a themed experience this is still worth a visit.