Everything Everywhere, the mobile phone company formed by the merger of T-Mobile and Orange, has launched a new trial format in six existing stores.

Three T-Mobile stores last week opened Orange concessions, while three Orange shops opened T-Mobile ones. The shop fascias have remained unchanged, with posters in the windows alerting customers to the concessions inside. The six remodelled stores opened in Tooting, Palmers Green, Hertford, Bridgend, Weston-Super-Mare and Dorchester.

Everything Everywhere, which operates 723 stores, hopes to appeal to existing customers with the format while acquiring new ones too. Everything Everywhere vice-president of retail Andrew Coull said that some products in the T-Mobile and Orange ranges are “complementary”.

Coull said the company opted not to name the stores Everything Everywhere because the Orange and T-Mobile brands are so strong. He declined to comment on how many new stores would open next year. No new staff will be taken on to manage the concessions, but current staff have been trained.

Everything Everywhere will also open three Orange franchises in time for Christmas following a successful Orange franchise pilot in Bridlington that opened eight months ago. “We’re looking to expand and so different formats should be tried,” explained Coull, adding the company’s 37 concessions in entertainment retailer HMV have “worked well”.