Everything Everywhere, the joint-venture partnership between T-Mobile and Orange, is to trial dual-branded stores in April.

It will open two shops at undisclosed locations, which will have branding for both T-Mobile and Orange on the fascia and in the windows. The in-store visual merchandising will also be split between the two brands.

The company is already trialling six concessions, with either T-Mobile or Orange operating in each others’ stores. Earlier this month, it also revealed it would open five Everything Everywhere branded shops.

A spokesman for Everything Everywhere declined to reveal the locations of the dual-branded trials, but said one of the shops would be in an area where there are both operators nearby.

He said: “We’re not looking to close stores, but maybe the same approach will be taken that has been taken with the Everything Eveywhere stores that a T-Mobile or Orange store will be put on hold during the duration of the six-month trial and the other refurbished.”

The retailer is also considering selling brands other than T-Mobile and Orange in its stores.