US department store Bloomingdales has opened its second international store, in Kuwait’s 360 Mall.

Large-scale store openings may be looking like a thing of the past in the UK, but there are still parts of the world where this is happening.

Kuwait is one of these and US department store Bloomingdales, in collaboration with the Al Tayer Insignia group, recently opened its first store in the Emirate and its second internationally (the first was in Dubai five years ago).

Designed by Amsterdam-based consultancy Uxus, the three-floor, 93,000 sq ft store is a luxury proposition bearing many of the retailer’s hallmarks, such as the checkerboard black-and-white tile floors and black-framed display equipment. As might be expected, personal shopping plays a major part and the store boasts a personalisation lounge.

The exterior is also noteworthy with a large panelled frontage, looking like dominos lying side-by-side, and a logo next to the main entrance with a large screen for product and store promotions.

It is a mark of the current state of retail across Western Europe that a trip of a few thousand miles is required to find a major new department store.