Big retailers opening bigger stores is one of those contradictory impulses at a time when many are closing branches or opening half-pint-sized ones.

Primark, H&M and Zara, however, are among those welcoming shoppers into larger shops (aka ‘destinations’) and this one, in the Westfield mall in London’s Shepherd’s Bush, is the retailer’s biggest UK outpost to date.

At 41,731 sq ft, it would be large irrespective of the sector involved, but when it is a fashion store, spread across two floors, it is eye-catching.

It has achieved its status by expanding into the former Banana Republic, and walking round this one is like a trot round a standard Zara; it’s just that there is rather more of it. This involves a great many high-resolution screens.

‘Destination’ in the current use of the word means ‘big’, ‘bigger’ or ‘biggest’. Zara understands this and is aware that size really does matter.