Top retailers are expected to attend a jobs summit to be held by Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday and designed to shift the agenda away from cuts to economic recovery.

Sainsbury’s chief executive Justin King, Morrisons chief executive Dalton Philips, John Lewis chairman Charlie Mayfield and Marks & Spencer and HMV chairman Robert Swannell are among those likely to attend.

Executives from other companies, including Tesco, have also been invited according to Sky News.

The meeting will focus on how the coalition Government can help the private sector create jobs this year, when public sector employment will be slashed as part of the drive to cut the national deficit.

Companies may be asked to commit to creating a certain number of jobs in 2011. However, the new year has got off to a difficult start for many retailers and some – including HMV – have issued profit warnings.

They may point out at the meeting that some of the Government’s initiatives, such as raising the level of VAT, will not help them grow.