McCartney range starts appearing on eBay
Stella McCartney's collection for H&M was already appearing on auction site eBay last night as the long-awaited collection flew off the rails in stores.

The Swedish fashion retailer's latest collaborative collection prompted in-store mayhem yesterday as the range launched in 400 stores across Europe and North America.

Some shoppers were buying purely to auction the sought-after collection online. Journalist Louise Christie said that people were buying garments in any size they could get their hands on. She said: 'It was insane. I've never seen a crowd like it in my life. It was hard not to get caught up in the mayhem and start grabbing loads of stuff. I heard people saying to their friends to just grab stuff in any size at all.The atmosphere was pretty fraught and competitive but I wouldn't say it was bad natured.'

A Hennes spokesperson said this morning: 'We are really pleased with the reaction and the interest.'

Retail consultant Helena Packshaw said: 'I have never seen anything like it. The air force navy dress is a fantastic deal and it's been galloping out.'

Although the company declined to comment on sales or stock depletion, the high demand reflects consumer pull towards lower-priced garments.

Retail analyst Nick Bubb said that 'the extraordinary interest in the Stella collection shows that the high street isn't dead'.

This is the second designer collaboration from H&M. Last autumn, the launch of a Karl Lagerfeld collection caused a similar commotion in stores.