Some of our customers who used the new Google Product Extensions feature in beta experienced better click-through and conversion rates.

After many months in beta, Google Product Extensions has just been released to all UK paid search advertisers.

Essentially Product Extensions connects keywords with relevant products from Google Product Search, and there is no additional cost for the feature. Some know this feature as the “Plus Box” as there is a small plus box below ads. When the box is clicked, a selection of the retailer’s products are displayed including an image and price.

Some of our customers currently using the feature in beta have experienced better click-through and conversion rates. To enable it, look in your AdWords account under Ad Extensions > Product Extensions.

This is another sign that the Paid Search landscape is changing at a phenomenal rate and is also one of the first examples in the UK market of using Google Product Search within the Paid Search ads.

If you are interested in learning more about Google Product Ads, there is a webinar available here that dives into Product Extensions, the rest of Google’s latest e-commerce initiatives and best practices for Q4.