Be part of the in-store workforce revolution

UK retail is experiencing a recruitment crisis with high staff turnover and revenue losses due to gaps in staffing, but there is a potential solution. Enter the shared workforce.

Retail Week explores how embracing the UK’s booming gig economy can help you reduce fixed labour costs, manage seasonal peaks and more.

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Read 2020: The Year of the Gig Economy today to:

  • Find out how the digital revolution is impacting frontline staffing
  • Explore what the gig economy and zero-hours contracts really mean for retailers, and the true benefit to the bottom line
  • Find out how names including Marks & Spencer, Planet Organic and Paul are capitalising on shared workforces to cut costs and ramp up productivity
  • Discover why technology and training is changing who the frontline store associate of today needs to be – and how your business can get in on the action.