Emily O’Brien, Editor-in-chief of Styloko.com, shares her view of good and bad websites.

Good site: Notanotherbill.com


I don’t receive much post and, when I do, I don’t like the post I receive. It’s usually bills or, worse, overdue bills, which is probably why I like Notanotherbill.com so much.

Created to make post fun and exciting, it delivers a thoughtful surprise gift to your doorstep each month for £15 a pop. Gifts are handpicked from around the world and vary from stylish stationery to rare design novelties – anything but another bill, really – all wonderfully wrapped and expertly curated.

It is a charming service, and it has certainly rekindled my love for the postman.

Bad site: Stylechi.com


Tell me I can lower the price of a dress just by sharing it with a few friends on Facebook, and I’m on it. I signed up to Stylechi.com, despite its cheesy banners and tacky model shots, in the hope that its unique proposition – to share products in order to lower their price – would outperform its lack of prettiness.

Well, I did share my product. And the price did drop, by a whole penny. Quite how much you have to spam your friends in order to do anything significant to the price is beyond me, but I’m not prepared to find out.