Chris Webster, Head of retail and technology at Capgemini UK, shares his view of good and bad websites.

Good site:

This is the UK’s leading online retailer of baby products, receiving over 400,000 orders in 2011.

It swiftly set itself apart from competitors by developing an award-winning site that is easy to navigate.

What most impresses me about Kiddicare is that it looks to improve upon and expand its offering and customer value The innovative ‘Kiddicare Community’ means that customers can interact with one another online, as well as receive one-to-one feedback from the Kiddicare team.

It’s a site that truly understands its customers’ needs.

Bad site:

The low-cost train ticketing website provides great deals to frequent train passengers wishing to travel on the East Coast Main Line. These deals mean that customers will complete a transaction even if the website experience is far from perfect. Usability and site navigation proves problematic, with complex search tools, heavy messaging and limited purchase options to name a few.

My biggest gripe is, if you require more than one journey, website options will only allow you to make a further purchase while at final checkout phase, which makes it hard to navigate if you fail to spot the option. Attention to detail is lacking in its design.