Anton Gething, Product director at nToklo, shares his view of good and bad websites.

Good site:

Etsy’s site has been developed around its users – merchants and shoppers – with an uncluttered design that lets content shine.

The tools and features provided allow users to communicate around topics and genres of interest, presenting credible feedback that brings confidence to shopping. 

Their ‘circles’ – like Google’s – allow users to follow peers and merchants of interest for a more socially engaging, personalised retail experience.

I also appreciate the ‘ways to shop’ feature, and enhanced search. These, coupled with its mobile friendly version and the release of its new app, nearly all the bases are covered.

Bad site:

In this digital age, it’s disappointing to see brands seemingly still relying on their physical presence. 

A graphically focused site, it’s difficult to find catalogue menus at first glance. Browsing products lacks related items – there are no recommendations, no facility for reviews, in-store collection, or email notifications for items being back in stock. 

There’s a ‘find a store’ option, but being able to check local availability would help align the online and physical presence. 

And, obligatory Facebook and Twitter buttons aside, social features are practically non-existent.