Allyson Tremblay, UK sales director for, shares her view of good and bad websites.

Good site:

Burberry’s online team has done an incredible job of replicating the in-store experience online. The visualisation and imagery is excellent, and the overall feel is immersive – it does the brand justice.

Typing ‘bots’ into the search box will return results for ‘boots’, so Burberry has taken the time to configure the search function, though there’s still room for improvement.

Navigation is good – with a small catalogue, Burberry can get away without having additional attributes to help with search refinement. The merchandising is consistent and effective, recommending additional items to ‘complete the look’.

Bad site:

I’m a personal fan of Bally, and have always enjoyed shopping in-store, but I find its online experience disappointing.

From the logo to the product pages, the imagery is poor, and doesn’t reflect the quality of the brand. A misspelled search returns no results, and the navigation is confusing – no left-hand navigation or granular view as you click through the site leaves you with no easy way of retracing your steps.

Merchandising is inconsistent – some pages have recommendations, but many don’t. Random switching between ‘alternatives’ and ‘complementary items’ makes it hard to know what to expect.