Max Childs, marketing director for Amplience, shares his view of good and bad websites.

Good site:

The brand-level merchandising on the site is great, offering a really engaging experience. There’s a fantastic variety of carousels, hero images and seasonal merchandising in the promotional areas, which really capture your attention, even if you’re not looking to dive straight in at a product level. Navigation is intuitive, and insightful editorial pages help build a sense of community around the brand. At a product level the experience is good with excellent filtering on size, style, designer or colour, and scroll-over view, alternative images and video to see how the product looks. The style is uncluttered, aspirational and engaging.

Bad site:

This is not so much a bad site but rather an average online store that could offer much more to its visitors. The site has a static home page that lacks engagement and enticement. At a category level, it does improve, as you can filter by colour and size. However, the design includes multiple font colours and styles, all of which compete for your attention. There are no quick-views or video, several pages lack alternative images and full-screen zoom is absent. By addressing these features that impede the customer journey and by creating a more engaging environment, Austin Reed could certainly improve the site’s performance.