Managers want more help from police
Shopping centre managers need more help from police and local councils to help deal with escalating anti-social behaviour or they risk losing customers.

One in five shopping centre managers would like more help improving safety and security in the area surrounding their shopping centre, according to a survey of the UK's top shopping centre managers by G4S Security Services.

About 72 per cent of shopping centre managers calling for more local support wanted an increased police presence, a further 14 per cent wanted improvement in police response times, while the remainder wanted better CCTV systems.

G4S Security Services sales and marketing director Douglas Greenwell said: 'This research shows that anti-social behaviour is a major challenge for retailers looking to attract customers. It's clear that they need to continue to work closely with the police and local councils to limit these petty crimes, which continue to be a major nuisance to millions of people. If they don't, then consumers will vote with their feet and shop elsewhere.'

A separate TNS survey found that the greatest concern for 57 per cent of UK shoppers was anti-social behaviour, ahead of fear of a violent attack at 52 per cent and pickpockets at 47 per cent.