£2bn will be spent on ethical food this year
A third of Britons now believe it is worth paying more for ethically produced and organic foods in order to 'shop with a clear conscience'.

A study by Mintel also revealed that UK shoppers will spend more than£2 billion on ethical foods this year - up almost two-thirds since 2002.

This dramatic rise is set to continue. Mintel forcast that the market for fair trade goods alone will by worth£230 million by the end of this year and almost double to£547 million by 2011.

The study found that 70 new ethical food products launched last year and 53 so far this year - up from just 25 in 2002.

The growth in 'ethical lifestyles' is demonstrated by the fact that three-quarters of adults now believe everyone has a 'duty to recycle' and that a third of people now buy fair trade products 'where available'.

Mintel senior market analyst Julie Sloan said: 'In the present climate, many companies may be hoping to improve their profile by projecting a more ethical stance. With these products becoming more widely available rapidly, the market is set to see substantial future growth.'