Session M

Session M

SessionM, a Mastercard company, provides customer engagement and loyalty solutions for the retail and commerce sector. Working with Mastercard Data & Services, we provide insights beyond the transaction. Our teams provide customers across industries and geographies tailored solutions to address their business pain points.

By harnessing the power of our real-time, anonymised and aggregated transaction data, powerful software platforms and wealth of expertise, we empower customers to unlock a holistic view of consumer behaviour, distil actionable insights and make more data-driven decisions.

Mastercard and SessionM provide compelling offerings for retailers, telecommunications organisations, financial institutions, travel companies and more to help drive efficiency and value within their businesses end to end.

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    Four ways to break through the digital noise

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    With the Covid-driven acceleration in online retail now expected to have permanency, all businesses need to re-evaluate their digital marketing strategies to ensure they are fully leveraging each communication channel. So how can retailers cut through the noise? Here we lay out four steps to help retailers engage with consumers in the right digital channels at the right time with the right messaging.