An African factory that manufactures jeans for Gap and Levi Strauss has been illegally dumping chemical waste into a river and unsecured tips posing a hazard to local children.

Gap and Levi have both launched an investigation into the scandal uncovered by The Sunday Times. According to the newspaper the factory, which is in Lesotho, southern Africa, has been dumping needles, razors and harmful chemicals into dumps and poured dark blue effluent into rivers where people draw water for cooking and bathing.

Tesco has reached an eco milestone by diverting 100 per cent of its UK waste away from landfill a year ahead of schedule. Tesco executive director Lucy Neville-Rolfe said: “Climate change is the biggest challenge facing us and a business such as Tesco has a responsibility to provide leadership.”

Symbol group Nisa-Today’s has rejected a bid from Bibby Line Group, the 51 per cent stakeholder of Costcutter, after it approached the board to buy the company.  The rejection came as Bibby Line is about to lose its distribution contract with Nisa after it was put out to tender.

Sir John Collins, the outgoing chairman of DSG International, admitted that he did not see the downturn coming and described the reduction in DSG’s market capitalisation as “painful”.  In the retailer’s annual report Collins said: “The chairman’s crystal ball had clearly ceased to function!”

HMV boss Simon Fox has suffered a 42 per cent pay cut as the entertainment retailer failed to hit profit growth targets. According to The Sunday Telegraph Fox’s compensation fell from £992,000 in the year to April 2008 to £579,000 this year. Fox has been mooted as one of the front runners to head up ITV.