Scootermart gears up for expansion

Mobility retailer Scootermart is zooming ahead with expansion plans and is road-testing new city centre and large store types.

Chief executive Stephen Harpin said the retailer, which sells everything from scooters to long-range shoe horns and elasticated shoelaces for the elderly, plans to push beyond its West Midlands stronghold and open a new store every six weeks.

The business floated on AIM last year, and encouraging sales and profits have bolstered ambitions to quadruple the 26-store retailer's size.

Scootermart is seeking 'neighbourhood' locations of 2,000 sq ft (185 sq m) in high footfall areas, as well as larger footprint 'destination' stores of 3,000 sq ft to 4,000 sq ft (280 sq m to 370 sq m) on arterial routes in densely populated areas.