Grocer pledges to only sell recycled or sustainable loo roll
Grocer Sainsbury's is offering 5 million shoppers a pack of free Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified toilet paper today to mark its third Make the Difference day.

The retailer said its aim is to raise awareness of the more environmentally friendly options available to customers. Sainsbury's has also pledged to sell only FSC or 100 per cent-recycled tissues, toilet roll or kitchen towels. The FSC label guarantees that trees that are harvested are either replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.

Sainsbury's customer director Gwyn Burr said: 'In the UK, an average household uses at least 115 rolls every year and if you add onto that the volume of kitchen towels and tissues, this is a significant amount. We want to remind customers that there are greener alternatives available and we want to make it easy for them to access them.'

FSC UK executive director Charles Thwaites said: 'We know that long-term commitments, such as Sainsbury's, to sourcing FSC-certified pulp is greatly appreciated by those foresters who commit themselves to our strict standards. By demanding only the most responsibly sourced materials, Sainsbury's is taking the sort of direct action that encourages both the continued economic viability of our forests and their preservation for future generations.'