Per Una's Davies to take home more cash
Marks & Spencer chief executive Stuart Rose is unlikely to be the highest paid person at the retailer this year, he has revealed.

As the retailer confirmed it would pay staff a bonus of£91 million, with£26 million of that going to store assistants, Rose said he would be 'the biggest bonused'.

But he added: 'I probably won't be the highest paid person in the business this year.' He said that 'an outstanding performance on somebody's part' meant that that person would be well rewarded. Although he did not disclose their identity, it is understood that he was referring to Per Una creator George Davies.

Mercurial fashion genius Davies, who made his name as the founder of Next, helped breathe new life into M&S with Per Una's soaraway success.

M&S reported that Per Una had an 'excellent year'. The retailer said: 'It is a major brand with wide appeal and strong potential.'

Although Davies' package may be worth more than Rose's in cash terms, Rose's total package, including shares, is worth more.

M&S declined to comment further on Rose's comments.