The mayhem caused by rioters has so far cost retailers £80m in lost sales, equating to £2.5m per working hour, as stores shut early and shoppers avoided trouble-spots.

That is before a likely £17.4m in lost stock and £43.5m for repairs is added to the overall total, according to calculations by the Centre for Retail Research on behalf of shopping comparison website Kelkoo.

Altogether, retailers and insurers face a bill of £141m following days of chaos as riots from London to cities including Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester.

Kelkoo chief marketing officer Chris Simpson said: “Despite the chaos showing signs of abating, UK retailers are sadly going to feel the fallout of this week’s riots for several months to come. 

“Much of the cost will be picked up by insurers but we cannot overlook the fact that on top of the damage caused, retailers, restaurants, pubs and other service providers have been forced to shut their doors to business in order to protect their staff, customers and premises.

“This comes at a time when retailers are already struggling to stay afloat.”