Civil partnerships spell product opportunities
Retailers are introducing new product lines as same-sex couples are legally allowed to register to join in civil partnerships for the first time today.

Supermarket giant Asda is gearing up for the first civil partnerships, which can take place later this month, by launching a range of 'Mr and Mr' and 'Mrs and Mrs' cards.

Clinton Cards has been stocking gay partnership products for the past four months. Managing director Michael Bugler said: 'Gay partner products have certainly been successful enough for us to continue stocking them. It's early days, but stock its performing well.'

Health and beauty retailer Superdrug is selling sets of 'Darling, Dearest, Queerest' embroidered towels and soaps.

Gay marriage is legal in other countries, including Belgium and Canada. The UK has not passed gay marriage, but civil partnerships are marriage in all but name, granting legal rights almost identical to those held by married couples.