Gaming addicts flock to pick up consoles
The Xbox 360 has almost sold out in the UK, as shoppers snapped up the sought after console just minutes after it went on sale today.

Computer games specialist Game opened 14 stores at midnight across the UK so customers could pick up their pre-ordered Xbox 360s.

A spokeswoman at the retailer said: 'We haven't seen anything like this before, this is so phenomenal because it's not a staggered launch.'

The Microsoft console is in limited supply, with only 300,000 of the high-tech machines released throughout Europe.

The spokeswoman added: 'There won't be very many and we know that demand will exceed supply. We could have sold a whole lot more and it's frustrating. But it's the way the cookie crumbles.'

Gamers queued for up to nine hours - with almost all of the UK's supply of the console reserved - to get their hands on the coveted devices.

The shortage of the Xbox 360 has prompted frenzied activity on internet auction site eBay, with prices reaching double the retail value.