Retailers need to be creative and work out how to use information on Facebook to make the network work for them, Facebook’s head of mid-market sales for EMEA said.

Rick Kelley said at the Retail Week conference today that some businesses are starting to use the information on consumers present on the web, but said it’s down to retailers to work out how Facebook can be best used for them.

He said during his speech that 30 million people in the UK log on to Facebook regularly and that half a billion people use it worldwide.

But he added: “I’m not saying half a billion people are going to come into your store because they’re on Facebook. It’s about figuring out and understanding who your core customer is and putting relevant engaging content in front of them to drive them to your stores.”

He said there are also opportunities to use the information that people upload about themselves - such as their hobbies, and products they like - to market at them using various Facebook tools.

The main power of the network is as a word of mouth advertising stream, he said. Getting Facebook fans - which means users ‘like’ your page - is just the beginning.

“If your brand has 500,000 fans, and each of those has 140 friends of their own, the real power is harnessing that audience to use as a recommendation engine.”