The Retail Trust has launched a campaign to raise funds for staff and shopkeepers affected by the riots ravaging the UK.

The campaign has been launched via twitter under the hash tag #highstheroes with the retail industry charity attempting to help those affected by the rioting. It is asking people to donate as little as £1 via the Retail Trust’s website,, or by texting HSTH11 £5. Of the donations received 100% will go directly to retail staff and shopkeepers affected by the riots.

Retail Trust chief executive officer Nigel Rothband said: “Feelings are running deep in all the affected areas of our country, but what is remarkable is the community spirit that is coming to the fore in terms of clean up culture and helping each other out the morning after.

“We have already had a number of people who have nothing directly to do with retail contacting us to see if they can fundraise or help out the retail sector specifically, images of which have dominated the media in terms of headline grabbing devastation.”

The Retail Trust Helpline 0808 801 0808 is open for retail staff and shopkeepers affected directly or indirectly.