Londoners biggest spenders on non-essentials
UK consumers are spending£3 billion a year on non-essential goods, according to the Sainsbury's Bank Retail Therapy Index.

Based on a sample of 1000 people, The survey estimated that more than 32 million people spend an average of£95 a month on retail therapy. This is an increase on last year's research, which reported 31 million people were spending an average of£90 a month.

Londoners are the biggest spenders on retail therapy, while the Northeast, Yorkshire and Humberside spend the least, with an average of£75 a month.

Although there is a slight rise in shoppers spending a little bit extra on themselves, 5.9 million people said their spending had reduced, compared with 5.7 million last year. The ability to manage debts was the most common reason cited for the slowdown in spending.

Sainsbury's Bank Credit Card manager Lucy Hunter said: 'It looks like retail therapy is still alive and well, but it's interesting to see that more people are reducing their spending. It also appears that many people have a responsible attitude to their non-essential expenditure as many of those cutting down say they are doing so to reduce existing debt levels.'