How can I ensure I’m not missing a trick when it comes to personalising content for my customers?

The case for personalisation has been well made: a more tailored web experience is proven to translate into increased sales and recommendations. It sounds like a no-brainer, but Jamie Brighton, product marketing manager of digital marketing business at Adobe, says many retailers are not capitalising on the data gold mine they’re sitting on.

He says: “Personalisation seems a simple enough concept, but, for retailers in particular, it’s a complex picture. There are so many variables to consider, for example, is it a new customer? How did they come by your site? Are they in a purchase mindset?” He adds that the content retailers provide customers with will need to be adjusted depending on these and many other factors.

Brighton says it’s a job that goes beyond simply employing a web analyst to manage customer information. He says: “In the quest for perfect personalisation retailers need to let the data do the work.”

He says retailers can assemble content including imagery and video, and control site layout in real-time, according to customer behaviour. The data can be used to decide what content, promotions and offers are most suited to the customer. Brighton warns that retail marketers can’t rest on their laurels, saying: “Retailers need to continually test the cause and effect of every change to see how different types of personalised content perform.” He adds that a blend of data-led and gut-feel marketing works best in getting the right content to the right person at the right time.