Video communication can increase a retailer’s efficiency by bringing together teams in distant locations so they can innovate faster.

Video conferencing can optimise efficiency

Retailers are faced with managing complex global supply chains, a distributed workforce and responding rapidly to changing consumer behaviour.

Video communication can increase a retailer’s operational efficiency by bringing together diverse teams in distant locations so they can innovate faster through swifter decision making.

“Huge logistical operations rely on making the right decisions quickly. Anecdotal evidence has found that by using video calls, decisions are made 30% to 40% more often than on a voice call as you feel more comfortable when you can see your colleagues and can reach consensus,” says John Howard, EMEA collaboration director of communications company Logitech for Business.

Video communication offers ease of information flow such as sharing presentations as well as immediate feedback, meaning employees can work faster and smarter, with the added benefits of near face-to-face communication.

“Being innovative with your communication can allow you to stay a step ahead of your competitors. You can train global employees, conduct online interviews for recruitment or even view products at their early design stages, helping to shorten product cycles by providing early feedback,” Howard says.

The technology could also be applied to online customer interactions, allowing retailers to connect with their customers this way instead of, or preliminary to, an in-store conversation.

Equipping a workforce with video can increase productivity and empower staff to make decisions faster, as well as increasing convenience for shoppers and customer engagement.