How can I optimise my email marketing campaigns for mobile devices?

Emails are increasingly being read by people on mobile devices. Simon Robinson, senior director of marketing and alliances at digital consultancy Responsys, says about 40% of emails opened by consumers are read on smartphones or tablets.

He says: “This number is only going to grow as smartphone and tablet numbers increase, so it makes sense to ensure that your emails display properly on smaller screens.”

Without specific care, consumers can find the mobile email experience disappointing. Waiting for images to download, scrolling endlessly to read a sentence, or zooming in to click a link that leads to a website offering a similar poor user experience will all put shoppers off.

Robinson says: “Retailers need to know their audience. Find out the breakdown of the devices your customers use – you might be surprised.” Finding out if your customers prefer tablets or smartphones, for instance, can help, as services can be tailored to suit.

If shoppers prefer Apple’s operating system, iOS, Robinson says that’s good because Apple devices have the least trouble rendering email.

Android, by contrast, is used on handsets from many manufacturers and hosts inconsistent email clients – this is a challenge but Robinson says there are ways around it.

Mobile optimising means creating desktop emails that can be scaled down to fit an iOS screen, and focus all content into the top left for Android. Alternatively, responsive design can be used on all devices.