Can mobile apps ever replace the more traditional customer loyalty cards?

As with many aspects of retail, customer loyalty schemes have evolved over the years, from the humble Green Shield stamps, which were once collected in thousands of homes across the UK, to more advanced solutions such as Tesco’s Clubcard.

The latest mobile app loyalty cards deliver new, next-generation experiences that encourage customer retention and increase an individual’s commitment to a brand, says Paul Sanders, technical director at mobile app development specialist Apps4. “With consumers becoming more tech-savvy, mobile apps are the ideal way to achieve long-standing loyalty and repeat custom,” he says.

With mobile apps, retailers are now able to respond to individuals’ needs and reward them with tailor-made offers.

Sanders adds: “It seems that people either find it a major inconvenience to carry multiple cards, or miss out on offers due to not having the card on them at the time of purchase.

“App loyalty cards eradicate these issues, as people always have their mobile phones with them.”

The rise of social media is generating cross-platform interaction between loyalty schemes and networking sites such as Facebook. Loyalty apps allow for a direct link to customers’ social media pages and a retailer’s website.

With technological advances and increased benefits of using mobile apps, the future of the traditional loyalty card hangs in the balance.