How can I use my CCTV or IP surveillance system to monitor customer behaviour?

IP cameras can be connected to a retailer’s computer network, which makes analysis of the images they capture much easier.

By integrating cameras with behaviour analysis software, you can find out all sorts of information about your customers, ranging from their age and gender to the route they take in your store.

This information is invaluable when it comes to optimising a store’s layout. For example, dwell- time applications can integrate with IP cameras to monitor the amount of time shoppers spend in front of products or in aisles.

This provides retailers with insight into the effectiveness of merchandising displays and gauges customer interest in digital signage.

A similar application can be used to map the most popular route a customer takes when moving through a store. This intelligence can be used to decide where to place merchandise and thus maximising sales. By integrating your surveillance system with queue management solutions, it is possible to find out queue lengths and total checkout times. This can be used to balance staff levels during peak trading times and improve  profitability.

More retailers are using their IP surveillance systems to monitor customer behaviour as Atul Rajput, retail business development manager at Axis Communications, explains: “Retailers’ perceptions of IP surveillance – known as network video – is extending much further than simply improving security.”

He adds: “With the numerous applications now available to them, they are realising they can use their surveillance cameras to get inside the mind of their customer and understand the way they shop. This intelligence goes a long way towards streamlining operations.”