Retail Solutions - Web revamp for Science Museum

The Science Museum has upgraded the retail arm of its Web site in an effort ramp up its online sales by 10 per cent within the next year.

The new site, which uses the Shopcreator e-business platform, is also intended to more closely support the museum's four store outlets - in the museum itself, in Selfridges stores in London and Manchester and in the Dixons xL store in Birmingham's Bullring.

'The new platform gives us more flexibility in terms of searching, and it gives us the ability to offer vouchers and apply sales techniques, such as up-selling and cross-selling,' said Science Museum head of retail and licensing Lauren Sizeland.

'If the desired product is unavailable, we can now suggest a similar product, or we can suggest the next level up in that product range.'

The ability to link the retail Web site to the museum's Internet portal should also increase the organisation's online customer base.

'We can now more closely link the retail site with the museum site, which has a yearly traffic of 3 million visitors,' said Sizeland. 'We are aiming to convert a lot more of these visitors into shoppers.'